About Lake & Land Property Rentals

Lake & Land Property Rentals offers vacation and long-term property rentals on and around Smith Mountain Lake in Southwest Virginia. We also offer long-term rentals in the surrounding areas of Westlake, Bedford County, and Franklin County. Our Rental Office is in a fantastic location, with Lake and Land Realty, right next to the Smith Mountain Lake Visitor's Center! Book your next vacation rental with confidence by using our secure payment system. Our dedicated staff is easy to talk to and we look forward to assisting you with your perfect vacation rental or helping you make money by renting your second home!

About Lake & Land Realty

Lake & Land Realty opened its doors for business in 2005 with 18 Real Estate Agents. Our locally owned and operated company now has more than 30 agents. Our Realtors are experienced professionals who serve Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding areas, handling properties on and around the lake and in Bedford and Franklin Counties. We have the best location on the lake, next to the Visitor's Center right in the heart of Smith Mountain Lake. Our office has Real Estate Appraisers and now we handle Rentals! Lake & Land Realty is a full service company offering both Real Estate and appraisal services. We look forward to helping you with your Real Estate needs! Visit Lake & Land Realty to learn more.

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